• In sobering news, recent federal bankruptcy hearings involving Sodo club Republiq—an extravagant dance venue—featured Seattle Police Department officials testifying that the club was a public safety hazard. Most recently, a navy petty officer was fatally shot outside the club during a February 5 brawl. The club now appears closed, and its operators didn't return calls seeking comment.

• Speaking of beleaguered Sodo bars, during the week of February 13, the Washington State Liquor Control Board issued a notice of intent to revoke Studio 7's liquor license after requests from prosecutors and police. The bar has 30 days to appeal the decision (and can serve hard liquor in the interim).

• Why should Washingtonians support Ron Paul for president? "His age is a plus," said one man at a February 16 Paul rally held in the scenic Sea-Tac Airport. "An 80-year-old man probably isn't looking for world domination."

• Also seen at Ron Paul's Sea-Tac trip, the Ron Paul Family Cookbook, featuring dishes like "Impossible Pie," "Razzle Bo-Dazzle Pork Tenderloin," "Crab Cheesecake," and "Mom's Hot Slaw."

Ouch: Two more recent polls show Democrat Jay Inslee trailing Republican Rob McKenna in the governor's race. A SurveyUSA poll last week had Inslee trailing by 10 points, and an Elway Poll had Inslee losing by 9 points. Inslee hasn't started a major ad push yet, but still—not good.

• On February 16, WhoSigned.org—a searchable database that contains the names and addresses of Washington voters who signed 2009's anti-gay Referendum 71—finally went live. It's like Facebook for bigots! Go, search, and gasp in horror at how many of your coworkers, neighbors, and small-minded relatives signed the petition to repeal domestic-partnership rights for same-sex couples.

• A reliable blabbermouth says the new 12th Avenue arts center on Capitol Hill will house three residential theater companies: Washington Ensemble Theatre (which has jammed itself into a tiny theater since 2004), New Century Theatre Company (which has been couch-surfing since 2008), and Stranger Genius Award–winner Strawberry Theatre Workshop (which has been looking for a new home base in the past year).

• While covering President Obama's multiple speeches and fundraising appearances in the Seattle area on February 17, the White House pool reporter noticed a conspicuous presidential silence on one topic: "Mr. Obama did not mention gay marriage while in the state to most recently legalize it."