No charges: American officials have decided that they will not charge any service members for a November airstrike that left 24 Pakistanis dead.

Santorum wins Louisiana: Says the results have sent "shock waves" through the world of politics.

Bachmann defends Gingrich: Gingrich called Obama's comments about Trayvon Martin "disgraceful," adding, "it's not a question of what that young man looks like."

Tea Party spends Saturday protesting Obamacare: With oral arguments starting this week, the nine justices are trying not to feel the pressure.

$46,000: That's how much Afghan families received from the U.S. Military for each person killed by Sgt. Robert Bales.

Dick Cheney gets a new heart: Joan Rivers tweets:

"Rather surprised Dick Cheney got a heart after lasting all these years without one."

Syria's last chance: Kofi Annan.

Decorah eagle eggs ready to hatch: Live webcam here.

$68 million: That's how much Hunger Games made on Friday. Have you watched the movie? Good/bad/better than The Terminator?

Rally for Trayvon Martin: 25th and Jackson at 4 p.m. today.

And, only because everyone is talking about Mad Men season 5 today, here's a 30 second teaser.