Easter Sunday message from the Pope: End violence in Syria, Nigeria, and Mali. (The Pope struggled with hoarseness while delivering his message).

Easter Bo: Obama tweets.

Mike Wallace: The longtime 60 Minutes correspondent/"pit-bull reporter" has died, CBS reports. He was 93.

Obama contraception policy "radical intrusion": Says Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, and vows to continue fighting the ruling.

Welfare: End it or keep it?

What's China doing in the Caribbean?: A lot apparently. Putting the U.S. on high alert.

Is this it?: North Korea readies rocket for launch, but labels it "scientific research."

Guenter Grass barred from entering Israel: The Nobel laureate wrote a poem in which he called for supervision of Israel and Iran's nuclear facilities.

Tuna: Apparently that's what causes divorces in Britain. So does pet tarantulas.

One petition read: “The respondent insisted that his pet tarantula, Timmy, slept in a glass case next to the matrimonial bed,” even though his wife requested “that Timmy sleep elsewhere.”

Life, the Universe and Everything: In the middle of a Chilean desert.

Justice for Trayvon, justice for all: Two different marches took place yesterday in Seattle, one to end violence and the other to protest the killing of Trayvon Martin.

And now for the Hipster Games, "May the trends be ever in your favor."