Romney and race: Mitt will be speaking at the annual NAACP convention. I wonder how that will go...

Debby is getting everyone wet: Tropical storm gathers strength, gets lubricated, on course through oil fields.

Today in climate change: More fires! They're burning things up after a spring with record highs in most states. Here in Seattle, it's raining on our parade.

Morsi wins presidency: In Egypt, people who voted were cheering in the street upon the announcement of the Muslim Brotherhood backed candidate.

Teenagers, beware: Tennessee passed a laughable pro-abstinence bill, banning "gateway sexual activities." There's no word if alleyways are ok, but gates — they're out!

Biotech industry likes Jay: People who are smart, bring jobs to region back Inslee.

Brace for impact: Obama is waiting (nervously, one might say) for the Supreme Court to decide if the Affordable Care Act is constitutional or not.

Pride (parade) is today! Get your gay on downtown! That parade is today. Space Needle isn't flying a huge homo flag, so just go to the roar of Diykes on Bikes.

And you thought SPD was bad: Georgia Sheriff seen wearing KKK garb in old photos, suggests it was just for kicks.

Chipmunks eat food: After yesterday's startled dog scandal, here's some chipmunks PRAIRIE DOGS eating food. They're cute little buggers, and won't offend ANYONE. Thanks to SLOG tipper Justin!

Happy Pride!