First, Some Olympics News: Swimmer Ryan Lochte snagged the first US gold, beating up on 4th-place-finisher Michael Phelps; US women's basketball dusted up Croatia; meanwhile, China already has four golds.

Young Versus Old: UW's own soccer star Hope Solo is kinda pissed at commentator and past soccer star Brandi Chastain for hating on the US team's performance.

A Reason to Watch Dressage: The oldest Olympian in 92 years, 71-year-old Hiroshi Hoketsu of Japan, is competing.

"The Woman in Red": Indian officials are searching for the opening ceremony castmember who stole the show by ignoring the costume instructions.

Today: The US men's basketball team already won their game. Next up: Gymnastics, swimming.

Scalia Says Guns Could Be Regulated: The notoriously conservative Supreme Court Justice says there's room in the Second Amendment to regulate gun ownership.

Speaking of Gun Control: A Renton man was shot 3 times last night while attending a candlelight vigil for someone else shot and killed in Renton the previous night.

Kids, Go to Med School: Due in part to the Affordable Care Act, we need way more doctors than we currently have.

You Don't Say, Mitt: Romney backs away from an advisor's suggestion that he would support an Israeli attack on Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.

King County Judge Broke Rules to Support Amanda Knox: And now he explains why he did it.

Burien Kidnap Attempt: A 43-year-old man allegedly attempted to kidnap a 21-year-old Alberston's clerk in the parking lot, but was foiled and arrested.

Bellevue Kidnap Attempt: This time the intended victim was 18 years old, and the would-be kidnapper has not been found.

In the spirit of multicultural celebration, here is a recent masterpiece Korean music video: