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So...the price of the new iPhone is going to go up about how much you think? 30%?
please stop the egg misinformation .. eggs are an amazingly affordable source of nutrition.…
@2 I was trying to be sarcastic, but I added a note.
Here's a band of adorable young brothers playing Led Zeppelin - normally too early for me but these very young lads, and especially the little drummer boy, .... well, I had to reach for the tissues when it was over.
"A new report from the New York Times suggests that nearly 70 percent of President Barack Obama’s 19 million Twitter followers are fake."…

However...only 3% of mine are fake!

Fake Folllower check:
So the networks have figured out that to compete with the internet you have to go naked. Now if they'd figure out that they should broadcast on the web, too, we might watch. But I'll never pay for cable again. Never!
I'm still too scared to ditch cable...I don't know why, maybe it's because I have my feeds on different lines so if one goes out (internet) I still have the other. But if power goes out, I'm still screwed, so I don't know what I'm doing! I guess.
In other intellectual property news, Sterling Mallory Archer (codename: "Duchess") is suing the estate of Steve Jobs for Jobs' misappropriation of the tactical black turtleneck -- the "tactleneck" -- which Archer totally invented and Jobs totally ripped off. But seriously, we'll see how much of Apple's patent-trolling victory over Samsung survives appeal.
Yuks, not yucks.
I'm in an undisclosed location near Oakland watching the A's play Tampa. Apparently there's a big freakout that RNC protesters might disrupt the game. During some sort of break (I think the manager had come out to talk to the Tampa pitcher) in the top if the first inning security guards lined up on the field along both foul lines.

Here's an article about the potential disruption by "anarchists."…

I want to know if handjobs count as "real sex."
If the ciggies and booze haven't killed me by now, I'm sure as hell not going to worry about eggs.

Not to mention the dipshits who decided it would be a good idea to shoot at me.
My comment on gangham vid:

I thought the most "subversive" scene was in the subway at the end. The typical MTV clown video would have Psy gradually approach his fantasy girl but then at the end he would fall off a platform or she would brush by him to find a male model. Psy gets the girl! Indicating that he is parodying...but at the same time believes his way is superior; hence rewardable.


Apple is spinning this every which way but loose. My reading of it is they really don't have any claim to the things that make up a smartphone and hence Samsung can have their way with them.

Obama has been giving America hand jobs for 4 years.

Now maybe we'll get the real thing.


Obama's appealing enough that many no doubt have sexual fantasies about him. As someone who hates him, you are one sick fuck for associating him with your own sexual fantasies.

And the "real thing" with Romney would be rape.
But I recall that Bailo was trying to excuse Akin, so the real thing for him probably includes rape. And I don't think it's any revelation that he's a sick fuck.
As readers of Savage, we're hardly squeamish, but how many of us weren't offended when Bailo's defense of Akin's "science" involved a graphic, obscene description of how women are supposed to be able to evacuate semen? There was nothing even clever about it--it just showed that he's the sick fuck we've known him to be.

At leese ah done seen a neeked ladee one time, Jethro.
@7 Your money goes to prop up the fascist Fox News and the corruptor of our government, Murdoch. Think about that.
Where's Questionland?
@23: My, what sweeping generalizations. I'd at least say that Comcast and a few others gets a few cents of it; but I certainty don't want to temper your thunder.
Wow, it's a troll competition between the Sgt. and SROTU. Who left the gates open at the asylum?
On another note, that egg yolk thing is amazing.
lol @ 7 -- emergency radio. I think they're more common in hurricane and tornado areas. Battery powered with solar and dynamo options.

@23 & 25 -- doesn't a sizable chunk go to Disney owned ESPN et. al. for TV rights to all those sporting events? Then CNN, Fox, BET, BRAVO, HGTV, etc., get to share in whatever is left.
@24 - I've been patiently waiting too!
That egg-separation strategy is way too much work.
@27: Indeed they do! Megabucks from testosterone parties, just think of the pay-per-views.
We clearly need to take these dangerous semi-automatic weapons out of the hands of cops.
@6 Good for you! I left cable - and television - many years ago and my life is so much happier. Cable companies treat us as though they're the sole purveyors of water and we're desperate enough for their products that we'll pay whatever they want, however they want to sell it to us. Only after they start loosing subscribers by the bucket left and right will they start ceeding some power to the consumer. $80, or whatever, a month for seventy channels, sixty of which we don't watch, and ridiculous contracts that entitles them to a chunk of our paycheck for a year or more? What are they selling, car insurance? Electricity for the house? Screw THEM. We should all cancel our cable contracts out of a matter of principle and discover the little secret that life is indeed bearable, even enhanced, without television. You can get all the boobies you want (or need) off the internet.
Hear, hear, floater! Chez Vel-DuRay forsook Comcast for Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, and a - gasp - rooftop antenna two years ago, and it's been - in a good way - vainglorious!

.....Except that we are still stuck paying Comcast sixty bucks a month for internet. Why is it that the city that had the unmitigated gall to build their own electrical generation and distribution network, and throw off the shackles of private, east coast, ownership, is so timid when it comes to internet access? Even Tacoma, with their little Click! network does better than us.
@29 I agree! Although it looked cool when it was sucked into the bottle, that was too much work. Especially when the best way to separate egg yolks and whites is to use the egg shell. Just crack the egg and then start pouring the egg whites and yolk from one half of the shell into the other and the yolk will naturally separate out. Beside that, with the crappy quality of eggs that we buy in grocery stores, the yolks would never survive being sucked into a bottle again and again like their asian super egg.

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