"A hero not just of his time, but of all time": President Obama's tweet celebrating the life of Neil Armstrong.

RIP, Astronaut Neil Young: NBC made a silly headline mistake yesterday. To be fair, the man in question did write a song about the moon.

An Enormous Typhoon Is Hitting Japan: It's likely the strongest to hit since 1956, and it's 20 times the length of Okinawa, where it's making landfall.

Pro-Pussy Riot Protestors Chopping Down Crosses in Russia: Four Orthodox Christian churches have had their crosses chopped down so far, and a local priest is calling it "anti-church hysteria."

Abortion, Gun Control, Mandated Health Care, Fighting Climate Change: Four things Mitt Romney supported just five years ago.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Shots Fired by New York Police Miss Their Target Every Year: But it's unclear how else police are supposed to respond in life-threatening situations.

Enter...the Anternet: A collaborative effort by a biologist and a computer scientist at Stanford has discovered that the way ants behave when searching for food mirrors the way the Internet works.

The Oatmeal Is at It Again: The Seattle-based web comic, known for elaborate fundraising, has raised more than $1 million to support the restoration of Nikola Tesla's New York laboratory.

Fire Breaks Out on Pier 56: A fire forced an evacuation of two piers yesterday.

Soldier's Spouse Mysteriously Dies at Lewis-McCord: The matter is being investigated, but a spokesman said it involved a soldier assigned to a different base.

Stressed that the weekend is almost over? Sad that the rain is coming? I have the antidote to all your worries: