$337 Million Powerball Winner Plans to Continue Eating at McDonald's: Now now, don't get upset: The man who won a fortune yesterday seems like a pretty chill dude.

Man Shot and Killed Near 75th and 15th Avenue NE: As Frizzelle reported last night, police are investigating a shooting that killed one man yesterday evening.

40 Dry Days: After the driest Seattle August ever, we're 11 days away from setting a new rainless record.

Eastwood Went Rogue, But Not Without Help: Romney staffers apparently gave Clint Eastwood full creative control over his RNC speech, not requiring rehearsals or the use of a teleprompter.

Paralympics Enter Day 3: And The Guardian recaps Day 2 of the already hugely successful Paralympic Games.

Doing Biking Infrastructure Right: While Seattle can barely muster up two sharrows to rub together, Copenhagen just completed the first leg of a massive network of biking paths, known as the "cycling superhighway," linking the city to the suburbs.

Romney Does Something Sensible And Compassionate: He cancelled a campaign stop in Virginia to spend the day in a hurricane-damaged Louisiana town yesterday.

Renton Fry's to Pay $2.3 Million Over Sexting Lawsuit: After two years of reportedly obstructing government investigations into an assistant manager's alleged sext-ual abuse of an employee, the Fry's Electronics in Renton will pay out near-record settlements to the victim and her supervisor, who was fired after trying to look into the problem.

Pop the Champagne: King County foreclosures dropped 18 percent in the second quarter of this year, a 28 percent drop from last year.

Sort Out Your Shit, Big Corporations: Many Huskies fans and sports bars won't get to watch the football season opener tonight because DirecTV, Dish, and the Pac-12 haven't yet worked out a broadcasting deal.

Today Is (Apparently) International Bacon Day: "Go get drunk on meat," urges the Dallas Observer.

Have you ever wanted to know what happens when you pour hot lava on ice?

Now you know.