Video rage spreads to 20 countries: Anti-American protests that started in the birthplace of the Arab Spring has now spread beyond the Middle East. In Afghanistan, protesters burned an effigy of President Obama.

“We have, throughout the Arab world, a young, unemployed, alienated and radicalized group of people, mainly men, who have found a vehicle to express themselves,” - Rob Malley, a program director for the International Crisis Group.

Man linked to video taken in for questioning: Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, may have violated probation "stemming from the making" of the Innocence of Musilms video, which has led to widespread protests in the Muslim world. Police are not investigating the video itself.

"Why is the Muslim world so easily offended?": The WaPo investigates.

The Eraser: Obama takes away Romney's edge on the economy. A NYT/CBS poll finds Americans are optimistic that White House policies are working.

Poll also finds that Obama would beat Romney in a fistfight: As well as large-scale alien invasions.

Paul Ryan's debate practice buddy: Ted Olson.

The Chinese protest the Japanese: Over a bunch of uninhabited islands.

Kate topless photos: "One of the world's most photographed people disrobes in public view, of course we're interested."

Taliban claims it targeted Prince Harry: During attack on British base in Afghanistan.

Ex-cop from Seattle convicted in 1957 killing: Jack McCullough, 72, was found guilty Friday of a 55-year-old kidnapping and murder of a 7-year-old Illinois girl.

Also, your Facebook is false.