FCC Set to Auction Airwaves: The FCC is going to auction public airwaves, probably for lots of money. Turns out the airwaves now occupied by television would be better used as high-speed Internet for sharing cat memes on "devices that have not even been thought of yet."

Surprise for Rob McKenna: The environmental group Washington Conservation Voters will spend $750,000 on ads to help Jay Inslee in his gubernatorial bid against McKenna. The group's director thinks the ads are "going to surprise Rob McKenna in a big way." It's not the good kind of surprise, like one of those ice cream cookie sandwiches. But it's good for Inslee.

New Virus Not Spread Easily: A new respiratory virus belonging to the same family as SARS isn't that contagious, according to the World Health Organization. But it can still kill you.

State May Restore Workers' Pay: Unions representing 60,000 state employees are in contract negotiations with state officials to restore workers' pay that was cut the past two years due to the reduced budget.

Firefighter Dead in Japanese Chemical Fire: One firefighter is dead and around 30 others are injured at the Nippon Shokubai Co. chemical plant after an acrylic acid residue storage tank exploded around 2:30 p.m.

Iranian Press Fooled By Onion Poll: The Iranian FARS news agency fell for it. It used unattributed polling data from the Onion that said rural Caucasians prefer Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Obama in part because "he doesn't try to hide the fact that he's Muslim." Someone at the agency has probably been fired. Or promoted.

Visit a State Park for Free Today: Because it's National Public Lands Day, state parks are free of charge. So go find a good state park and enjoy your smartphone in nature.

No More Canadians at Guantanamo: The last one was flown back today. Former Al-Qaeda teenage soldier Omar Kadhr has been detained in Cuba since 2002. The Toronto native pled guilty to five war crimes and will remain incarcerated in Canada. Guantanamo is now only populated by terrorist suspects from the Eastern hemisphere.

And here's a dramatization of Obama partying in college, courtesy of Key & Peele.