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Everyone's acting like R74 is a done deal, but there are hundreds of thousands of ballots left to count. How do we know we'll be able to hang on to the lead?
can someone not at the NYT write the "SILVER PWNED YOU ALL" piece?

Like, now?


Well, it certainly makes no sense rehashing anything or pouting. I only want to emphasize that this was entirely my own doing and I was not compensated by the Romney team or any other organization.
There is only one thing that is appropriate to say:
Congratulations, President Barack Obama!
My ballot, according to the ballot tracker website, was verified days ago but has not yet been counted. My honey's ballot was only mailed on Monday and hasn't even been signature-checked yet.

We both voted for Inslee, gay marriage, legal pot. They just haven't counted our votes yet.
@1 Same reason they're sure inslee will win; it has huge margins in king county.
@3 - Good riddance. And regardless of whether you were compensated or not, you were nothing but a shill. Ha ha, McFucking ha ha.
Well, I just want to be the first to say goodbye to Gay Dude for Romney.

I never thought you were in the employ of the Romney campaign, but simply some guy who wanted Romney to win and not afraid to tell all sorts of lies everyday to muddy the waters.

You were actually a halfway decent troll, just enough sense to not seem like a total wacko (the anonymous troll, Lord Basil) or just someone who is incredibly stupid (You Gotta Be Kidding Me, Bailo).

But mostly I will remember you as a guy who lied all the time, even about things that were easily proven false.

If Seattleblues suddenly returns, I guess we will know the real truth.
Marijuana legalized in Colorado too.

Although there are so many goddamned dispensaries in Denver anyway, it feels like it's always been legal here.
the stock market certainly seems happy with the election results....
@5/@7: Oh pooh, don't be ungracious to the defeated after an election. Let's put all this negative energy behind us and move forward!
has anyone heard if the House has those subpoenas investigating the Libyan Massacre ready yet?
One of my post-election joys, regardless of who is (re-)elected President, is the schadenfreude of where the Seattle Times went wrong in its endorsements and early reporting. It's statistically probable the Times went wrong in its investment/experiment of a paid ad for McKenna.
Wish I could spend all day trolling right-wing gun nut sites.
Still cautiously optimistic for I-1240. It's pretty close and the NO side did win King County. If it trends that way, we may flip this thing.

But even if not, boy did Gates have to sweat it out. No easy win for billionaires. And Superintendent Randy Dorn says he will challenge it in court (as well he should).
So what's everyone doing during the race war today?
@16 Probably go out to lunch, dance lesson tonight; the usual.
@3: ahahahaha SUCKPUTTER.
@11 - I guess you're right Phoebe. It's OK that people spout lies and lies and more lies, just as long as we're able to beat them at the ballot box. It's that kind of stupid complacency that allowed GWB and his cronies to make a mess of this country.

Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it. Now go back to smelling your potpourri, because today is GloatDay for all of us that won't forget what a LIAR GDfR was/is. Tomorrow is soon enough for civility.
Funny how all my Republitard friends have nothing to say today. The silence is deafening.
Suckputter! Ha ha! I remember. Truly a troll for the ages.

But I'll give Paid Dude - er, Gay Dude his credit. He dutifully showed up on time this morning for his deep plate of crow. None of the others have shown their mealy faces around. We all know who they are. They've gone back in the cave and they're not coming out. For all those punks, who are certainly reading this, I got your raw, rotten Real America crow right here, courtesy of the Seattle liberals and our fellow liberals near and far. Um.... delicious! Try it! Wash it down with your tears. Good for the soul!

And so, so long Gay Dude. You weren't an annoying twerp like the others, and you became one of us, one of Slog's characters. You were always courteous, which can't be said for the others, and you delivered your sophistry in reasonable tones.

That said, you would have been insufferable had Romney won. Fare thee well and please don't come back... Unless you want to marry your boyfriend.
I really hope you're right, but there's more than a little cognitive dissonance of celebrating science and boasting about "having the balls" to call races without complete information in the same breath.
My friends Adam & Steve got so stoned, they accidentally enrolled little Gaye & Les in Charter School!
Bye GDFR. I wish you well. I love that you updated your your avatar with "expired." Well done. You got on my nerves to no end sometimes, but I hope you stick around. Maybe with a new screen name though. :)

You know he'll be back in another form.
3) Well, you certainly gave it a try. An unprincipled, double talking, lying, unable to present a coherent argument for your case try, but at least it was entertaining watching you implode.

Thanks for the priceless moments of you being proven wrong on everything you posted on Slog.

Thanks for playing. Buh-bye now.
From Joe. My. God.…

Have a double helping! And Phoebe, hope you choke on it.
@23 But there is enough data to confidently project the governor's race and R-74. The math suggests that both will hold their leads. Whether it widens or narrows we'll know over the next couple days, but while it is possible for the gaps to be closed, it is not statistically likely.
Goldy where is this data? I haven't been able to find information on outstanding ballots by county.
Congrats to Washington for pot and homos! We were down here in SF cheering you on. 4 years ago we got left out of the celebration while Prop 8 passed, and I can't thank the voters of WA enough for the awesome way they came together. And right before the Supreme Court considers taking up the challenge to Prop 8?! Awesome, I know what you have done is going to have an impact on the courts decision process! THANK YOU!

If it makes you feel any better. Billionaires trying to fuck over democracy WASTED hella cash and had a terrible night in CA! All that money that billionaire ho spent on Prop 38 to try and crash Prop 30...WASTED! All that insurance money that went into Prop 33 to screw over poor drivers...WASTED! The money big business putting into trying to make our government unworkable (31) and silent unions (32)...WASTED!

Plus we eliminated tax loop holes for out of state corporations and reformed the idiotic 3 strikes law so maybe soon some needlessly incarcerated people will be back with their families.

Rock on West Coast! We totally kicked ass!
Turnout in King County was off the charts and lots not yet counted.

Mess with PBS, Die like the Rest!
@30 Nevermind! Just found it.
Did anyone at The Stranger hear about the Puerto Rican referendum (which passed) to petition Congress to become the 51st state of America ?
I know Puerto Rico isn't quite in your purview, but what an interesting change if PR becomes the 51st state! That might shake many people's minds up a bit.
From what I saw the budget axe initiatives/referenda/whateva were winning by a wide margin. I'm glad people are starting to come around on civil rights and such, but it seems like the average idjit is still agin' all taxes forever. That shit couldn't win without the support of a hundred thousand class traitors who didn't know property taxes are nothing but good for them. I hope I can bail on this state in a year as planned, so I don't have to see too much of the post-apocalypse wasteland / libertarian paradise it will become.
I like how 1165 winning a third time in a row is all because of advertising money.

Goldy, maybe you should look into how to fix our tax structure to get democracy back on track.
What @8 said. Goodbye raindrop.

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