North Korean Satellite Now a Piece of Space Junk: The satellite is most likely dead, experts say.

The Singularity! IBM predicts computers will be able to smell, taste, and hear within the next five years.

How Many Trolls Would a Troll Troll If a Troll Could Troll Troll? This troll may be in non-anonymous real world trouble for his antics in Sedro Woolley.

American Humans Coming to Senses: A majority of people now believe that these horrific events that keep happening, are happening because of something really really wrong with our society. The jump has been in the double digits.

Taylor Bridge Wildfire Allegedly Sparked By Construction Workers: And now the fight over money begins.

Extreme Weather? Lots of people got that weird emergency alert yesterday, and now they're saying it could snow in the lowlands. I'll believe it when I see it.

Football: Pete Carroll apologized for the fake punt against the Bills and the Patriots fucking lost to Seahawks nemesis the 49ers.

Thieves Use Forklifts and Steal 7000 Wiis: "Could it have been Wario?"

Giant Dock Floating Toward Washington, Missing Still: The debris is suspected to originate in Japan and probably started its long float after the March 11, 2011 earthquake and ensuing tsunami.