Big Quake Hits Alaska: A magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit about 60 miles off the coast of Port Alexander this morning.

100 Billion Possible Alien Planets! Go inform yourself! Or shudder as you read Vanity Fair trying to be funny.

Chavez Still in Havana, Venezuelan Power Struggle Begins: After further complications from his latest surgery for cancer, Chavez still refuses to relinquish power in Venezuela, despite a constitutional mandate. Party leaders begin the political jostling.

Cat Arrested in Brazil: It was reportedly smuggling contraband into a prison.

New Year, New Massacre Count: An armed man is holding hostages in Aurora CO. Update 8:55 a.m. Four people, including the gunman are reportedly dead.

Search For Skydiver Called Off: A skydiver who went missing after jumping from a helicopter on Thursday in the Cascade foothills, was not found in the second day of the rescue op, either.

Macklemore Wants to Run for Mayor: In the year 2025.

It's Wild Card Weekend: And the Seahawks will be playing the I-feel-racist-just-saying-their-team-name Redskins. Hawks are slight favorites to win.

Idaho Senator Pleads Guilty to DUI: Which apparently violates tenets of his Mormon faith.