Reddit Co-Founder Aaron Swartz Found Dead: Gawker reports that his attorney confirmed suicide this morning.

Oprah Listens to Lance Confession, Assigns 'Our Fathers' and 'Hail Marys': Lance Armstrong, I assume on the advice of his PR person, is vying for the spotlight again by confessing his drug use to Oprah, according to the NYT.

France Hits Mali With Deadly Airstrikes: I guess when President Hollande said no boots on the ground two months ago, he meant it extremely literally. Islamist rebels have been building strength in Mali for the last nine months, and took control of Konna (pop. 40,000) this last week.

Seahawks Play in Atlanta at 10 a.m. Tomorrow: Governor Gregoire has wagered a crate of Washington apples against the Governor of Georgia's crate of peaches that the Seahawks will win tomorrow. Meanwhile four Seattle Seahawks were named to the All-Pro first team: Marshawn Lynch, Earl Thomas, Max Unger and Richard Sherman.

Monagamish—The Future: The Atlantic published a theory that because there are way fewer college educated men in Portland, monogamy may be going away.

The Wheels on the Bus Go... A 7-year-old Lummi boy is at Harborview and recovering after his own school bus ran him over. State troopers listed the cause of the accident as 'inattention' by the school bus driver.

When Hell Freezes Over: The L.A. Times just put together a series of rare photos from when it snowed in the L.A. lowlands in 1949.

Rapist in Spokane Given a Break: A judge ruled he no longer needs to register as a sex offender.

I'm Not Entirely Sure What a 'Structure' Is: But the largest one in the universe has been discovered and it is pretty.