Really? Again? Really? Another woman was gang raped in India after traveling on a bus.

New Miss America Nearly Forms Coherent Point About Gun Control: There are so many things wrong with the Miss America pageant I won't even begin. But last night the judges may have crowned a winner with two neurons to rub together after she tried really hard to explain why armed guards at schools is a bad idea.

Homophobes Find Strength in Numbers: A mass anti-gay rally took place in Paris overnight, with the rally's sponsor claiming half a million marched against gay couples marrying and/or adopting children.

Beijings Scores off the Charts: In terms of how bad their air pollution was at 8 p.m. on Saturday. The highest score on the air pollution index is 500, and they scored a whopping 755.

You Know if They Had Armed Guards At Movie Theaters: This guy still would have taken a gun in, but fewer people would sneak into movies.

Monopoly and Facebook Will Kill a Token: What I am going to do without the shoe?

Britain Joins the Fight Against Islamist Rebels: The first British aircraft has landed in Mali to help the French effort. How long do you think until McCain brays that America isn't a world leader anymore?

Seahawks Will Meet the 49ers: Assuming they win today. The 49ers were the only team with more team members selected for the 1st team All-Pro.

Omak Man Sentenced to 9yrs: A man who was convicted of beating an 18-year-old girl with a propane canister and pouring boiling water over her body has been sentenced to federal prison.