But Where Was She Going? A woman reportedly stole a train in a suburb of Stockholm last night, but it derailed and crashed into a three family apartment building.

Louisiana Breeding Retreat: The NYT reported today that a conservation area will be built and populated with endangered animals near New Orleans, on the banks of the Mississippi River. They hope species such as okapi, the Masai giraffe, and antelope will breed better with access to a herd and 1,000 acres to roam.

Violent Crime Rose in Seattle for 2012: No shit.

United States and Japan Flex Muscles, Glare Threateningly at China: Perhaps in response to the latest skirmishes between Japan and China over airspace, the US and Japan took part in five day joint exercises.

Nuclear Plant Falling Apart Unexpectedly Deemed Unsafe: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has decided to keep San Onofre closed for the time being. The SoCal nuclear plant has had to close because of the unexpected deterioration of tubes.

Homeland Security Sleuths 18 Undocumented Heads: A package with 18 severed human heads was intercepted at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

Woman Accused of Smothering Boyfriend to Death with Chest: The Everett woman and her boyfriend were arguing in the back room of a home, according to witnesses, when they walked in to find him dead with his face in her chest.

Will Your House Be Underwater in 2050? Seattle Public Utilities has made its predictions.

Also, cats.