The NRA's Tactics Continue to Confound Me: Somehow that disgusting abhorrent no good very very bad ad from the NRA got four Pinocchios on the truth-o-meter. The NRA president said this morning on the Today show that the ad "wasn't about the president's daughters."

Saharan Hostage Situation Nearing Its End: According to the BBC, the Algerian army has taken back the gas facility which was invaded by an al-Qaeda fringe group. Many westerners were taken hostage and some may have been killed in the initial struggle. The Algerian army reportedly turned down offers of help from Britain and other nations.

Bothell Pot Grower Rakes in Dough: After a warrantless search of Eric Scott Levine's house, he's been awarded $40,000 in the settlement.

Free Speech Crackdown: Vietnam is cracking down on bloggers and some rights activists claiming that some of them are dissidents. A recent trial in which 14 rights activists were convicted of "activities aimed at overthrowing the communist government" was the largest crackdown in recent years.

Comforting: Levees all over the country are in unacceptable condition.

Skrillex Lights Hair on Fire: He was blowing out his birthday candles.

Woman Addicted to Smurfs: A Scottish woman has spent countless years, around $32,000, and donated a room in her house to a smurf collection.

Idaho Politician Conflates Prostitution and Abortion: Why? Because it's a woman's choice.

When School Cops Do Good: A security guard or "resource officer" as they call him spotted a "gang recruiter" in Garfield high school, discovered he had outstanding warrants, and arrested him. The officer injured his knee running after the guy.