'Shockingly Insensitive': Guns Across America is hosting a rally in Olympia on Saturday on the weekend dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy of nonviolence. About 188 religious leaders had signed a letter condemning the protest as of last night.

Bloody Algerian Debacle Not Over: As many as 60 foreign hostages may still be missing.

Mona Lisa Going to the Moon: Nasa will send an image of the Mona Lisa via laser beam to a spacecraft orbiting the moon.

Lebanese Minister Survives Attack on Convoy: The road to Tripoli has become increasingly unsafe in recent months.

New Obama Bargains Better Than Old Obama: The Republican minority whip in the senate assured the Houston Chronicle that Republicans would raise the debt ceiling. Meanwhile village idiot Paul Ryan thinks it'd be a fun experiment if we didn't.

Today in Craigslist Ads: A middle aged couple from Virginia wants to check off a bucket list item—having sex in front of televangelist Pat Robertson. They're open to actors, but why give up on the real thing? Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, someone's got a job for YOU—if you're an "experienced Mexican" and want to work six days a week. (Thanks Slog tipper Marley.)

If Only the Eagles Had Been Armed: Authorities are offering a $13,000 reward to anyone with information about the slaughter of four bald eagles. The eagles were shot with a small caliber rifle outside of Granite Falls, and were believed to be perched on a tree when killed.

Just a Little Bomb: A small bomb was set off outside the Washington state Corrections Department in Burien yesterday.