Fish Arrive in Japanese Tsunami Debris: The first known vertebrates to make it from Japan's tsunami wreckage washed ashore last week on the southern coast of Washington.

Cells Created by 3D Printer: Chemists at the University of Oxford are printing water/oil droplets that mimic living tissue. A string of the 50 micron droplets transferred electric impulses much like nerve tissue transmits signals in the body.

March Jobs Report Is Dismal: Payroll increased by 88,000, which is pretty awful compared to February, which added over 200,00 jobs. Stocks and bonds also declined following federal budget cuts. Even a researcher from Bank of America says, "This is really a story about the fiscal austerity hitting an otherwise improving economy and delaying what should be an improvement in growth."

Car Bomb Kills Five in Afghanistan: Three American soldiers, a diplomat, and a civilian are dead after a convoy of cars was bombed on Saturday. The attack was claimed by the Taliban and follows an attack Wednesday that killed 44 in a court house. The UN says that civilians are being targeted more in 2013.

Flu Season Is Back: Poultry markets have been closed or restricted in Nanjing and Shanghai after more cases of of H7N9, a new strain of bird flu, were diagnosed. Chinese state news says 10,000 birds have been culled. So far, no human-to-human transmission has been reported.

Birth Control Is for Everybody: Judge rules that FDA should make emergency contraception available to all women without prescription, regardless of age.

Unlimited Streaming: Hulu has a buy-out offer for $500 million, although the last time it was for sale, it was valued at $2 billion.

Hate Graffiti Spree in Mt. Baker: Police reported finding over 30 tags, including boners, dollar signs, and anti-gay epithets, and a snarky "sorry", written on cars and homes last Friday.