Outrageous: Just two years ago, 260,000 people died from famine in Somalia, the UN has confirmed. Half the dead were young children, and half of them had already died by the time famine was declared. The report blames the Al Shabab militia and the international community for the needless deaths.

Incomprehensible: The FBI has named the first woman ever to its most wanted list of domestic terrorists: Assata Shakur. A 60-year-old former Black Panther now living in exile in Cuba, Shakur was convicted by an all white jury of killing a New Jersey police officer in 1973. Terrorism: the most meaningless and manipulated word.

May Day Was Awesome: Particularly the police response to the anti-capitalist march, say the mayoral candidates. Huh.

Look Who Else Is Using Mace: Two young women went shopping at the Rainier Beach Payless Shoes, but decided to pay less than the price (ha!...ha...) for their sandals. When caught by employees in the act of shoplifting, they pulled out "bear mace." Both were arrested.

Well That Sounds Frightening: Syria's information minister is warning that Israeli airstrikes near Damascus "open the door to all possibilities." Here's a YouTube video of a crazy humongous explosion, probably from an Israeli bomb.

What The Hell, Obama: President Obama defended his administration's appeal of a ruling that the Plan B morning-after pill should be available to women and girls as young as 15. Why? "Solid scientific evidence," he said.

Today in Anti-Semitism: In Hungary, a far-right political party demonstrated against the World Jewish Congress on Saturday. A party official last year said all Jewish government officials should be publicly identified because they might be a "national security risk." Reminds me of this.

Flames Near Gasworks: A fire broke out at warehouse near Gasworks Park yesterday, attracting crowds of onlookers and musical bands. Firefighters responded but found "huge tubs with an unknown substance," which turned out to be nickel. The fire was caused by "electrical arcing" and poses no wider risk to public safety.

For all the Dragon Ball Z/Whitney Houston fans out there: