Yesterday, I wondered on Slog whether the city's minimum-wage deal was "unraveling," after multiple members of the mayor's advisory committee on the matter said they were growing unhappy with where the debate was heading. Business interests have been lobbying the city council to water down the bill, now the labor side is swinging back, and the whole thing seems more precarious than ever.

City council minimum wage chair Sally Clark, however, says that's a buncha hooey:

Asking questions, she says, "is what council members do." Getting lobbied is part of their job. Looking into all the options is part of their job. The relatively business-friendly policy options presented to the council by their central staff thus far are not the only options they'll consider, she stressed multiple times throughout the meeting. Of course, the council knew full well that debating policy options like expanding "training wages" beyond what the state allows and pushing the start date of the legislation back a full six months would likely rile up the people who spent four months creating the compromise deal. (Let's not even get started on Council Member Tom Rasmussen, who appears to be arguing that franchises should be exempt from the "large business" category—a move tantamount to pointing a rocket launcher at the deal, not just debating it.) But hey, Clark repeated, just because they ask questions doesn't mean that's how they're going to vote!

So, in case y'all were wondering, we're cool. Everything's fine! Or, more realistically: Go have a holiday weekend, chill, and let's see if next week we're all still okay.

Confidential to the dude at minute 6:05, who asked Council Member Clark if it would be "okay for me to wait for you to leave work at the end of the day, hit you over the head with a club, and steal $200 from your purse, provided I didn't kill you in the process? Would that be okay?" (That's basically the same thing as raising the minimum wage, he argued)... Dude: Comparing public policy to the physical assault of a politician is not acceptable. Just a heads up, since you seem a little unclear on that.