It's hard to be across the country from something like the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. What can we do? But at least we can bear witness, at least via Twitter. Is that good enough? No. But it seems important to at least start with keeping our eyes open.

Things have gotten extra-scary again—or did they never stop being scary? Police with dogs, roaming in riot gear and camouflage, SWAT teams training weapons on protesters from on top of military-looking vehicles. Protesters in the streets are defiant and brave, but it looks terrifying out there. There are plenty of people getting pictures out on social media; you can check #Ferguson or follow reporters on the ground.

Although: Apparently they're arresting reporters? Wesley Lowery, a Washington Post reporter who's been live-tweeting and writing about the protests there, said:

Ryan J. Reilly, a Huffington Post reporter, was with him:

Then from Jon Swaine, a Guardian reporter:

Matt Pearce, LA Times: