Church supporters are upset about how close Uncle Ikes Pot Shop is to Mount Calvary Christian Center
  • Christopher Frizzelle
  • Church supporters are upset about how close Uncle Ike's Pot Shop is to Mount Calvary Christian Center

God vs. Pot: The Central District church trying to get Uncle Ike's Pot Shop out of its neighborhood is back in court today. KIRO reports the church claims the shop lied about how close it would be to a park and teen recreation center and the Liquor Control Board didn't give the church enough notice. They'll be out in full force at the downtown courthouse today.

County Cracks Down on Spas: King County detectives raided 10 massage parlors they say were acting as fronts for prostitution. According to the P.I.: "The investigation indicates that many of the workers at these locations were exploited by the ringleaders through fees levied against them for rent, in addition to other allegations. Employees were unable to work their way out of debt to the owners."

Kids Love Cars: Police say a bunch of teenagers are stealing cars and some of them are still on the loose after breaking into Brooks Biddle Automotive early this morning.

Wish List: What the city and county want from Olympia.

L&I says Metro isnt providing clean and safe bathrooms for its drivers.
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  • L&I says Metro isn't providing clean and safe bathrooms for its drivers.

Bad Bathrooms: Crosscut goes deep on Metro-bathroom-gate. A Labor & Industries report that came after a driver was too afraid to use a Metro-provided porta-potty—and instead stopped at Safeway, causing his route to be late and earning him an infraction—"used words including 'filthy,' 'disgusting,' 'degrading,' and 'unsafe' to describe some of the bathrooms in Metro’s network of comfort stations [for drivers]," Crosscut's Laura Kaufman reports.

No Cats Allowed: A man was pepper-sprayed after bringing his "service cat" into a First Hill McDonald's.

Gun Control Victors Want More Protections: I-594 backers plan to ask state lawmakers for more laws to keep children, those with mental illness, and domestic abusers from accessing guns. “The people of Washington State have made crystal clear that they expect our elected officials to take action on policies that will save lives,” Sandy Brown, president of the board of the Center for Gun Responsibility, told the Seattle Times.

One of Seattles tent cities.
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  • One of Seattle's tent cities.

Earlier Move-In Allowed for Tent City: After months of uncertainty, the Ravenna homeless camp Tent City 3 will be allowed to move onto a corner of Seattle Pacific University's main lawn next weekend. The camp faced eviction in October before getting a temporary save from the mayor. Originally, residents didn't expect to be able to move to SPU until mid-January, but the new date is "working out perfectly," resident Aaron Ervin told KUOW. The group will have to find another new location come March.

Bowman Takes the Stand: Dinh Bowman says he tried to cover up the evidence that he shot Capitol Hill wine steward Yancy Noll after what he describes as a road rage incident in August 2012 because he didn't think police would believe he did it in self-defense, reports the Seattle Times. “It still seemed very surreal," he told the court. "I felt it was this crazy bad dream. I was running from a monster and looking back; the monster wasn’t chasing me anymore. I began to doubt that the incident happened at all.”

Deputies Hospitalized: Two Pierce County deputies are in the hospital after an apparent drunk driver hit their patrol car, KOMO reports.