Hi campaign slogan will be, "I pissed off liberals in Seattle,": which will play well in the east side of the mountains.

On the bright side, he can count on big cash contributions from Shell and other fossil fuel interests.
I can't imagine any amount of money that would make our state elect that steaming pile of shit. As long as people actually vote he will have no chance.
@1 precisely - he thinks that picking a fight with Seattle plays well for him.
That piece of shit can rot in hell.
Such open minded comments in here. I thought liberals were supposed to embrace diversity and differing opinions? Unless you don't agree I guess then it is all about name calling and childish ranting. Grow up little fellas.
Lol what did you expect @5? If you can see a path to victory please let us know (so we can promptly stomp it out).

Liberals DO embrace diversity and differing opinions - it's just that those opinions happen to differ from your obviously conservative leanings, which apparently made you butt-hurt enough to feel compelled to comment for the very first time. But that's okay, because we're pretty tolerant here on the ole' SLOG, and even someone such as yourself is welcome to express your opinion. After all, if troglodytes like SB and Sgt. Doom can find a place here, certainly we can make room for one more.
@5 - Good call, we should stick to our values of embracing "diversity" by welcoming the candidacy of this rich white guy who is a toady of big business. Thank you for setting us straight. Now shouldn't you be at the gun range shooting Obama targets to get ready for the wave of mexican terrorists that are about to storm our borders ion order to convert us to sharia law?
Conservatives embrace politicians who go against the will of the people they are supposed to be representing. That's the diversity the trolls are talking about.
@5, fuck you.
@5 You just called liberals a name, so you're exactly the same, so good job, good effort.
So does this gent have a platform - other than the oil rig?
i think i could be a port commissioner. it really seems like the easiest jerb on the planet
also he has nice hair
Good, somebody sensible to give Inslee a real challenge.
Rot in hell, Bill Bryant, and take your toy rig monstrosity, and Doug 'Free Lunch" Ericksen, R-Ferndale, and his fuck buddy, Beumgarter, R-Spokane, with you.
And how is he different from Obama? Oh yeah, he isn't.
You Obama supporters must be SO PROUD now, eh?

How can Obama supporters, such as the entire Stranger staff, fail to see their responsibility in all this? How is it possible for you to think you can point the finger at some little pipsqueak while ignoring the ugly fact that if your Obama hadn't APPROVED of Shell's drilling the Arctic in the first place THIS SHIT WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING?!!

I can hear it now- "Would you rather the Republicans would've won?" NEWS FLASH: When "defeating republicans" turns into a tool for strengthening the 1% (as Obama/Clinton clearly do), you are not defeating the Republicans! In fact, by supporting the "left" fist of corporate rule you are the only thing keeping the 1% -and thus, the republican party- alive. Gee thanks!
@19: the "collective responsibility" card? must i remind you of the shit sandwich/giant douche dilemma of politics? the american president gets to steer the ship of state a little to one direction or another, he doesn't get to turn the ship around.

what are you, 19 years old? the topic is bill bryant running for governor as an explicity anti-seattle port of seattle commissioner. don't be an @20.
Ya, I here Mike Huckabee is running for president too.
Look, they wouldn't have power and wealth if God didn't want it that way. Learn some acceptance people!

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