@1 I dunno - is it extortion when the city uses public funds to clear trash out of vacant lots?

People are always so quick to dress up their personal preferences as eternal moral truth
Our senators just screwed us again:…
I sometimes feel like I hate the shit out of all of you, and then I read the Kiro 7 comments about the rainbow crosswalks.... I'm sorry.. I love you, sloggers.
@3, let's be fair, Obama fucked us as well. It wasn't just the Senate, it was the guy we all voted for twice who fucked us. Hope everyone remembers that when the big Hillary pu
Did you know Amazon sells Confederate flags?

Now you do.
@3 is correct
Ha ha, they need to paint all four crosswalks at that corner rainbow. Then we can see what the homophobes do if they refuse to use the gay crosswalks.

You know what I consider "non-essential decor"? Street signs. If people haven't memorized street names by now, why should my hard-earned tax dollars go to support their indolence and lack of initiative? Plus, fuck it, they can just use Google Maps to tell them where they are - and it's FREE.


Keep in mind this vote was simply to allow the measure to come to the floor, so I suppose there's still the possibility they could vote "no" when the actual bill to authorize Fast-Track comes up next week. But yeah, thanks Boeing!

I believe that's exactly what they did...

Hope so. But the photo has a plain crosswalk in the background. I haven't been there, so I don't know if anything has changed.

Sez you. One person's "blemish" is someone else's "about God-damned time the city did something like this."


Here's what the intersection supposedly…">will/does look like. I'll have to go up there after work today to confirm they've painted all four crosswalks though. is reporting that all six intersections along Pike/Pine between Broadway & 11th Avenue East will similarly be adorned.
@14 Fuck the Greens and their anti-science bullshit.
Is that even legal? An intersection is the last place for distracting, confusing color schemes and road markings. Absurd and very dangerous

Can someone more tech savvy than I create a chrome extension/script that will hide all the posts that are just articles from the print version of The Stranger? (i suppose all posts that have "Read article »" at the end?) Yes, I know slog would then be pretty empty, but oh well.
@16: At least provide Slog with fresh comments, not comments you copy/paste all over the place.
@16, pull the corncob out of your ass. It's Pride week. If you don't like it then don't go to Capitol Hill. Trust me you're right-wing ass won't be missed.
Unless edible and potable forms of cannabis have taken-over, and our gut bacteria can metabolise it, the metabolites at which they'd be looking would really be coming from urine (piss) and not from excement (shit[e] or dung).

(Brought to you in the interests of biological accuracy and as a protest against baby-talk---'poop' and 'pee' delenda est. )
The costs of providing Seattle with water are essentially fixed. So you should be thrilled they're selling lots of water (and they have plenty of water to sell--the reservoirs are full). Selling lots of water puts money in the bank and keeps rates low, since the utility is operated at cost. Ironically, when people skimp on water, the utility has to raise rates. Read your Keynes.
We should not be asked to conserve water so there's enough for people like the Talasera development to keep their lawns nice and green. If you want to send an opinion about their insane sense of entitlement, go here:
LOL, the comment section in that kiro article about the crosswalks gave me a thought: has anybody noticed that homophobes are by far the most butthurt group of people that ever existed?

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