Its not every day that the president of China shows up in Seattle. Heres what you need to know.
It's not every day that the president of China shows up in Seattle. Here's what you need to know. Kaliva /

What's the Chinese president's name? His name is Xi Jinping, and here's how to pronounce his name correctly.

So he gets his own "security zone" downtown? Yes, he does. Here's the Seattle Police Department explaining how you get in and out of his security zone, which surrounds the downtown Westin.

Wait, so if I'm reading right there can be warrantless searches inside the security zone? A Seattle privacy advocate asked about this, and the SPD answered (at length): Yes.

What's it like inside the security zone? "Lots of side eye," says The Stranger's Sydney Brownstone, who is inside the security zone at this very moment and will tell us more later.

What kind of government does President Xi Jinping run? "An authoritarian one-party state," according to Human Rights Watch. "It places arbitrary curbs on expression, association, assembly, and religion; prohibits independent labor unions and human rights organizations; and maintains Party control over all judicial institutions."

What's the name of his political party? It's called The Chinese Communist Party.

How long is he here? He's here today and tomorrow, departing Thursday morning.

Is this why traffic is nuts? Yes, probably.

Why is this all happening again? It's President Xi Jinping's first state visit to the United States.

Isn't he our "debt daddy"? Actually, that title may currently be held by the leader of Japan—though it's close. Both Japan and China hold over a trillion dollars in US government debt.

What's President Xi Jinping going to be talking with President Barack Obama about when he heads to DC on Thursday? Cybersecurity, the South China Sea, and a possible "great power relationship" with the United States, according to The New York Times.

How can I watch President Xi Jinping's 5:30 p.m. policy speech on climate change and international trade? You can watch it right here.