The Washington State Supreme Court says the states charter schools law is unconstitutional.
The Washington State Supreme Court says the state's charter schools law is unconstitutional. Washington State Supreme Court

Washington's Nine Charter Schools Are Shutting Down:"The statewide Charter School Commission voted during a telephone meeting to make final preparations to lay off its staff and send its records to the state archives," the Associated Press reports. "Closing the agency is required under a Washington Supreme Court ruling that declared a 2012 law creating the charter schools was unconstitutional." More info on the ruling, which came down in September, here.

Indicted State Auditor Troy Kelley Returns to Office: "Kelley's return to work comes as a stunning development in a public saga," reports KUOW, "that begin in March when federal agents searched his Tacoma home. That was followed by a grand jury indictment the following month."

Snoqualmie Muslims Anxious Over Local and National Anti-Muslim Rhetoric: It's not just Trump. Recently, Snoqualmie state representative Jay Rodne called Muslims "barbarians," then refused to recant. “When we hear this level of anti-Muslim hate," nursing student Afshan Ijaz told the Seattle Times, "we worry about the effect on our children and families. This kind of talk is harmful for everyone.”

American Muslims Raise $100,000 for Victims of San Bernandino Shooting: "In just four days," the Los Angeles Times reports, "the Muslims United for San Bernardino campaign has raised more than $100,000 from more than 1,000 donors across the country."

This is what the region looks like right now.
This is what the region looks like right now. NOAA.GOV

Storms Batter the Pacific Northwest: A meteorologist tells the Associated Press that "every major river in western Washington is either already at or will rise to at least a minor flood stage over the next few days." Puget Sound Energy says 65,000 of its customers are without power. Here are lists of highway closures and school closures. Watch out for landslides, too.

Seven of the Best Places to Work in America Are in Seattle: ...according to employment rating site, the Seattle Times reports. The companies are Zillow Group, Expedia, Slalom Consulting, F5 Networks, Costco, REI and Concur.

Did Urbanists Win in Seattle's Last Election? Yes and no, says former Mayor Mike McGinn. Many of the candidates who won don't have an across-the-board allegiance to urbanist principles, and they're still willing to support the protectionism of neighborhoods and megaprojects favored by the Chamber of Commerce, he says. "A closer look at the underlying politics reveals that urbanists cannot hope to win across their agenda solely by drafting behind more powerful political interests," McGinn argues. Instead, they need to build a broader coalition with neighbors.

Speaking of Urbanists... KING 5 reports on efforts by community activists to enshrine additional public benefits in a $3.4 million city council alleyway designation that would allow Amazon to expand its footprint. An amendment offered by City Council member Nick Licata to require the spaces around the alley to be kept open to the public failed.

Real Change Vendor Barred from Northgate QFC: The store has barred Real Change sellers from the property, according to Real Change. A driver complained to managers after Shelly Cohen, who's been selling the paper there for the past two years, asked him not to hit pedestrians. A protest is scheduled for this weekend.

Capitol Hill's Bauhaus Cafe Is Closing: God. Dammit.