Not the Renton theater where the shooting happened. Ververidis Vasilis /

One Woman Injured in Renton Shooting: An intoxicated man entered an evening showing of Michael Bay's new Benghazi movie, fumbled with his loaded gun, and accidentally discharged it, investigators tell the Seattle Times. The bullet struck a 40-year-old woman in the shoulder. She was taken to Harborview and is reportedly improving.

Oregon Refuge Occupation Leader Ammon Bundy Meets with the FBI: "Some residents embrace Bundy’s cause even if they are leery of the refuge takeover; others denounce the occupation and its agenda," the Seattle Times reports. It's not clear what the FBI, which has set up a command post nearby, will do next.

Arrestees Accused of Sex Trafficking Appear in Court: Remember that operation targeting alleged brothels run out of Bellevue apartments? All 14 of those arrested are pleading not guilty. "One of two women in this case, 38-year-old Sun Hee Choi, is charged with six counts of promoting prostitution," KOMO reports. "A victim told investigators that Choi bought her debt from Korean loan sharks and illegally brought her in to the U.S. for forced sex labor, according to court documents."

The dirty coal plant in Colstrip, Montana. David T. Hanson
The dirty coal plant in Colstrip, Montana. David T. Hanson Davd T. Hanson

Legislature Considers Bill to Partially Close Montana Coal Power Plant: The coal-fired power plant in Montana is the eighth largest emitter of carbon emissions in the country, and it supplies a hefty portion of Puget Sound Energy's power. Now, "Puget Sound Energy wants to develop a plan to close two of Colstrip's four coal units—a move that could reduce the amount of coal-produced electricity used by Washington consumers," KUOW reports. No timeline is specified.

Will Lawmakers Tie Tax Breaks for Boeing to Making Good on Its Job Growth Promises? "In a packed Olympia hearing room, union members and Boeing employees pounded home a single message Tuesday: Boeing broke a promise," Crosscut reports.

Chef Tarik Abdullah Comes to Capitol Hill: The South Seattle Emerald reports on the nationally-known chef's new pop-up restaurant: "It's full of art, happy guests, and under the laughter and chatter you can hear the smooth beats of a neo-soul and hip hop mix playing throughout."

First Hill Streetcar: Still not open, with no launch date.

On This Week's Blabbermouth Podcast: Eli Sanders talks to Greg Wong about the upcoming special election that you've never heard of, plus reporter Sandi Doughton—who knows a thing or two about earthquakes—about "that false earthquake alarm you may have seen going around on Facebook." And Spike Friedman eulogizes the Seahawks season. Listen here.

Macklemore Drops "White Privilege II": Listen, then go check out to learn more about all the dope local artists and activists you can hear on the song. "This song is birthed out of black struggle to break free from oppression and white supremacy," writes Seattle Black Lives Matter organizer Nikkita Oliver, who can be heard at the 6:50 mark. "It is not a song to be celebrated. Rather, it is opportunity for an important and necessary dialogue. This song is by no means the end of anything. It is merely a piece of the conversation. I hope it gets people talking about the right things in a creative way."