Nine seconds between "Move in!" and the first gunshot.SPD

Seattle police just released a dashcam video of the police shooting of 46-year-old Che Taylor.

Nine seconds elapse between someone saying "Move in!" over the radio and an officer firing the first of several shots at Taylor from close range. SPD says Taylor "reached for his handgun, leading officers to fire," as he leaned into the car.

Under Department of Justice-mandated reforms, Seattle police are required to prioritize de-escalation. The policy calls on officers to "take reasonable care that their actions do not precipitate an unnecessary, unreasonable, or disproportionate use of force, by placing themselves or others in jeopardy, or by not following policy or training... Officers should continually assess the situation and changing circumstances, and modulate the use- of-force appropriately."

It bears repeating: A criminal record alone—no matter how long or heinous—does not give the police license to kill a person.