May Day, circa 2013.
May Day, circa 2013. Ansel Herz happening today on Twitter: Follow me (@ansel) and photographer Alex Garland (@AGarlandPhoto) for the latest.

The El Comite march for worker and immigrant rights gets started at 1 p.m. at Judkins Park. It ends at the downtown federal courthouse.

Heres the route for the El Comite march
Here's the route for the El Comite march. SPD

The anarchists are holding a Solidarity Music Festival at Westlake Park. Their anticapitalist march, which does not have a disclosed pre-planned route, gets started at the park at 6 p.m.


Follow Ansel for updates from the anticapitalist march happening now.
Follow Ansel for updates from the anticapitalist march happening now. Ansel Herz

UPDATE: The peaceful El Comite march wrapped up and the anticapitalist march began around 6:30. Confrontation between cops and protesters broke out pretty much immediately with marchers lighting fireworks and cops using pepper spray.

Journalists at the scene are reporting that protesters have thrown objects and broken some windows and police have used blast balls and begun making some arrests. Seattle Police say one officer has "sustained a head/facial laceration." Unlike previous years, when police have directed protesters toward Capitol Hill, the group is now headed through Sodo. Ansel is down there. KIRO's live feed is here and KOMO's is here. -HEIDI GROOVER

UPDATE: Citizen medics are on the ground assisting people who have been peppersprayed. According to KOMO, SPD officers said the march has escalated past a peaceful protest. - ANA SOFIA KNAUF

UPDATE 8:40 PM: The march appears to be fizzling out in a Costco parking lot. At least seven Nine people were arrested, according to the Seattle Police Department. SPD officers have surrounded the remaining protesters in the parking lot, told them they're no longer allowed to march in the street, and are allowing them to leave in small groups. Ansel reports that protesters "look exhausted, bored" and he is very hungry. -HEIDI GROOVER