News May 25, 2016 at 4:00 am

Council Members Join Outcry Over Delayed Bike Plan, Call for Quick Fixes to Dangerous Streets


"A mayoral spokesperson said at the time that the protected bike lane likely would have saved Kung's life."

Really? How? Kung was in the intersection when a truck driver made an illegal left turn and killed her. No protected bike lane would've prevented this.

Did the driver serve any time? Pay a substantial fine? No way. Not in Seattle.
@1: Sure, the truck was making an illegal turn, and the 2nd Ave improvements aren't perfect, but at least now the existence of the bike lane is more apparent to traffic, and the truck driver would explicitly have a red signal prohibiting turning. Incremental improvements can make a huge difference. (That said, I still think riding in traffic is probably more safe on 2nd than using the bike lanes.)
As a several thousand miles per year bike ride and bike commuter, that Second Avenue bike lane scares the shit out of me. As a driver, it is very confusing and can be difficult to understand the signage and lights, particularly in difficult driving conditions. The whole thing is wicked dangerous, IMHO.
Considering that the number of people riding on 2nd Avenue has doubled or tripled and the accident rate has plummeted, I think most people biking there feel a lot safer now that it has re-opened. There are explicit signals now that separate car turns from bike turns and pedestrian crossings. While people disobey or miss signals no matter what form of transportation they use, the vast majority do follow the signs. When I review my helmet cam videos I've noticed that in protected bike lanes I rarely have to turn my head to watch for overtaking cars (there aren't any). That lets me focus on what's happening up ahead. When riding with mixed traffic I'm usually either stopped in a traffic jam among impatient drivers or I'm wondering what could be flying up behind me. I can also take my time in the 2nd Ave protected lane and still get across town quite quickly at 10mph instead of feeling like I have to keep up with traffic Road Warrior style. More protected bike lanes please.
"It feels like a bait and switch."

Because that's what it is.

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