It's Memorial Day: Not to be confused with Veterans Day.

Ways to Spend Your Day: There are a number of remembrance ceremonies happening today. If those aren't your thing, Folklife and SIFF are still rolling. We have more suggestions for you (and your pooch) here.

It's Been a Smoky Weekend Near the Sasquatch Music Festival: No, not because of all the concert-going stoners. Grant County's Sunland Fire burned about 600 acres of dry grass and sage in the Frenchman Coulee Recreation Area just three miles north of the Gorge Amphitheater. As of Monday, the fire is said to be contained. According to KIRO, winds pushed the flames away from the festival, although some shows were cancelled because of the windy conditions.

A Fire Is Extinguished Near "the Jungle" Encampment: The flames were spotted in a wooded area along I-5 near S. Holgate Street around 11 a.m. on Sunday. Seattle Fire crews were able to extinguish it within minutes, KING 5 reports. Earlier this week, Mayor Ed Murray waffled on his administration's timeline for clearing the homeless encampment beneath I-5. Currently, city officials are unsure whether they can even house the folks living in "the Jungle" if the area was cleared.

There Were Seven Reports of Armed Robberies in the U-District This Weekend: Seattle police officers arrested three men for robbing people at knifepoint, the Seattle PI reports.

Dedicated Teachers Are Trying to Save the Lushootseed Language: The Northwest language was once spoken by about 12,000 across the Puget Sound and gave names to Seattle, Tacoma, Skagit, and Issaquah, Crosscut reports. Chetanya Robinson tells the story of Amber Hayward's efforts to learn and teach the language to inspire a new generation of Lushootseed-speakers.

Cat-astrophe Avoided in Gig Harbor: Inseparable cat brothers Cecil and Ivan were stuck in a tree for two days before donation-run Canopy Cat Rescue was called in to haul the kitties back to the ground, KOMO reports.

Meanwhile, in Florida : Members of the Libertarian Party are preparing to choose their presidential candidate. Currently their options are between a magazine editor, a software developer, and New Mexico's former governor. From KPLU:

Libertarians acknowledge there's another reason their party's getting a closer look: deep dissatisfaction with the likely Republican and Democratic nominees. A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll found 47 percent of Americans are willing to consider a third-party candidate this year.

And who can blame them? The fact that the Racist Oompa Loompa clinched the GOP nomination could make any American lose faith in humanity.

Microsoft and Florida Want to Lay an Underwater Cable from the East Coast to Western Europe: To meet data demands, the tech giants announced Thursday that they plan. to lay a 4,000 mile that would connect Virginia Beach, Va. and Bilbao, Spain, USA Today reports.

There Were Three Major Shipwrecks in the Mediterranean This Week: Seven hundred refugees are feared dead, The New York Times reports. Many of the dead are believed to be unaccompanied children.

The latest drownings — which would push the death toll for the year to more than 2,000 people — are a reminder of the cruel paradox of the Mediterranean calendar: As summer approaches with blue skies, warm weather and tranquil waters prized by tourists, human trafficking along the North African coastline traditionally kicks into a higher gear.

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