"As an organization, we stand firmly against many of Mayor Murray's policies." Kelly O

This week, Ana Sofia profiled the awesome folks behind the Block Party at The Station. It goes down this Saturday afternoon. You should totally go.

One person who is unlikely to be there, given his deeply fragile ego, despite being interested in the event, is Mayor Ed Murray.

After one of the mayor's handlers e-mailed this afternoon to say that Ed would be attending the music festival, the Block Party organizers wrote back:

Our block party is open to every member of the community, so as a citizen of the city he is welcome to stop by. But as an organization we stand firmly against many of Mayor Murray's policies, particularly his unwillingness to hold his police force accountable for wrongdoing and discrimination, his support for policies that accelerate gentrification and displacement of poor communities and communities of color, and his failure to address the growing homeless crisis in a compassionate and longterm way. Again, he's welcome to stop by, but we do feel obligated to let you know where we stand on his policies, and to let you know that we view our event as a counter to these policies.


Block Party at The Station

Here's the exchange. Click to enlarge: