This was posted 17 hours ago.
This was posted 18 hours ago. FetLife/4eyez

A FetLife user account with multiple profile photos of Matt Hickey, the Seattle-based tech journalist recently accused by multiple women of rape and posing as a female porn recruiter online, put out a call last night for "sluts" in Las Vegas who are into "being naked, drinking booze, and having fun."

According to the profile, the user 4eyez is a screenwriter who's "going to be living in Vegas for the next few months doing some research." The same profile also says the user is "a photographer that specializes in fetish and pin-up style photos."

In addition to profile photos of Hickey, the 4eyez profile contains photos of women Hickey photographed—photos that were available in a portfolio on Hickey's website until he took it down.

4eyezs profile includes multiple photos of Matt Hickey and women hes photographed.
4eyez's profile includes multiple photos of Matt Hickey and women he's photographed. 4eyez/FetLife

The profile's biography page describes 4eyez as "into equal rights and respect for all; if you're not then you probably shouldn't be talking to me."

Hickey did not respond to a text message or e-mail asking whether he was the person behind the 4eyez profile. But half an hour after The Stranger e-mailed and texted him about it, 4eyez's post about Las Vegas sluts was taken down.

UPDATE, 12:41 PM: The Stranger just received a text message response from Hickey confirming that he is, indeed, the 4eyez account.

"i was," he wrote. "Just deleted my account. thanks for that. what's the point in outing posts on a personals website anyway? i've made some good friends on there and plan on making more. I travel for work often and it's been a fun tool."

The account still appears to be up, despite Hickey saying he deleted it.

"and i'm not in las vegas," he continued, "to answer your question."

UPDATE, 1:28 PM: Hickey's profile appears to have been deactivated or removed from the site.