Watch out, Westlake bikers.
Watch out, Westlake bikers. wk1003mike / Shutterstock

Beware, bicyclists: Some local bike repair shop workers are reporting that someone may have littered tiny tacks along the newly-opened Westlake Avenue Cycle Track, which runs from the Fremont Bridge to Lake Union Park. The tacks are "rough hewn, black-steel tacks … the length is about 10 mm long … and they taper down into a sharp point," Max Rogan-Goddard, assistant manager of Fremont's Recycled Cycles', told The Seattle Times.

Rogan-Goddard, Buck Hazard, co-owner of South Lake Union's WRENCH bicycle workshop, and Jesse Angelo, owner of MBR Bike Shop, all told reporter Evan Bush that they had multiple bicyclists come to their shops with flat tires caused by the same little tacks.

So, is it sabotage? That's still up for debate.

“Maybe somebody was riding their bike, and they were carrying upholstery tacks, and they fell and scattered (the tacks) everywhere. I don’t know. It could be intentional, it could be unintentional, I’m not sure,” [said Rogan-Goddard].

Angelo said the black tacks are just the right color to be camouflaged by the black surface of the cycle tracks.

“It’s really hard to see those things,” he said. It feels deliberate.

Hazard is convinced.

“Definitely, someone’s sprinkling them all over Westlake,” he said.