What I like here is the unbiased reporting from someone with no vested interest in the matter.

Do they teach the phrase "full disclosure" in the "strife tourism funded by my parents" school of activist-journalism?
I hope Patty Eakes takes Ed out to lunch.
Is there a mashup of You Can't Always Get What You Want and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For? Because there should be.
Is Ms. Eakes related to Ed Murray?
This entire debacle was infuriating on so many levels - the fact that basic police accountability was a bargaining chip in a labor negotiation, Murray telling the public they were bad progressives for wanting information on A LITERAL LIFE OR DEATH MATTER TO BLACK PEOPLE, $65,000 of city money down the drain in what was obviously a goose chase from the very beginning. Keep up the good work, Ed!
I found a quote from Aristotle which might support your story.
Bullshit. No money for dog parks but there's money for this bullshit.
I heard it was Marla Maples anyway. Good for her.

So what you are saying is that when Ansel writes that the investigation began after the Stranger published something, he should point out that he works for the Stranger, which runs Slog, which is where Ansel is posting this?
@9, thank you.

I hope Murray loses next year, unless Burgess runs, in which case I hope they both lose to just about anyone else.
I'm actually more surprised that both the SPD and FBI are directly communicating with Ansel, when he was presumably the one that communicated with the whistle-blower (since he wrote the piece that kicked this off).

Thank you.
@11, @12

So you are surprised that the SPD and FBI are behaving professionally? How sad.
I'm finally glad to be old.
Patty Eakes is a lawyer, not a private investigator. She has done work for the city in the past. Don't know if you were trying to be snarky by calling her a PI but it reads better if it is accurate.…
Not only is that 65K pissed away from the tax coffers, what is the justification for even worrying about THE LEAK? Presumably mayor mayor wants to ascribe blame and fire someone to show how spiffy he is. Does that achieve anything for the taxpayer? No, that is merely vendetta. THEY BLEW A SHIT TON OF MONEY on a vendetta against someone who allegedly shamed them. This is what they think about spending your money.
@13: Not that they're behaving professionally. I was under the impression that you don't communicate with someone on that unless you're questioning them, as part of the investigation. I assumed it was a conflict of interest, or something along those lines.
@17- I'm sure they didn't tell him anything he wasn't going to read in the papers anyway.
Ed Murray can't accep lunch from Patty Eakes, but there wouldn't be anything stopping her from giving him a big fat campaign contribution.
Freedom is nothing without Free.


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