Trish Doolin moved to Seattle from Kansas City, Missouri in September to join Nelson Inc. as chief of architecture. After depositing her first paycheck at a Kirkland branch of Key Bank, a banker identified by BuzzFeed as Thor Loberg called her back to the bank to question her about whether she really worked there—all "for the bank's safety."

Her friend, who is just identified as "Sugar," tweeted out a screenshot of a Facebook post Doolin made after the encounter at Key Bank.

After holding her paycheck for several hours, the bank eventually released Doolin's funds. She plans to switch banks, Buzzfeed reports.

“I live in a world where, no matter what’s in my brain or purse, no matter how I wear my hair, no matter how fabulous I look when I walk out the door, I’m still black,” she said. “People still clutch their purses when I walk past.” ...

“When you’re black, you can’t go marching around saying, ‘I’ve been discriminated against.’” she said. “It’s that silent pain. You can still hurt, but just don’t do it too loudly.”