Pregnant Muckleshoot Woman Killed by Deputies in Auburn: Her name was Renee Davis and she was 23 years old. Two King County Sheriff's deputies fatally shot Davis, a single mother, during a wellness check after receiving reports that she may have been suicidal on Friday night. When the deputies entered the house, they reported that Davis was armed with a handgun. They fatally shot her in front of two of her children, aged 2 and 3. Davis was five months pregnant, Nina Shapiro of The Seattle Times reports. Stayed tuned to Slog for more details.

You're Going to Need Some More Tissues. Got Them? Late Friday night, a toddler died in a house fire in Spokane. The three-year-old boy was found in a bedroom "huddled with his dog, who stayed by his side, and a teddy bear." The two adults renting the home were able to evacuate three other children, but, despite neighbors' attempts to hose down the flames before the fire department arrived, they were unable to get to the bedroom in time.

I Honestly Don't Know Where to Go From Here: Did you read the last two segments? The world hurts. Hug your loved ones, everyone.

Vancouver, Wash. Teen Is Missing: Local police are asking for help from the community to find 13-year-old Sevelin Hernandez-Mendez, who may have run away from home. Call 911 if you see her.

Ballard Business Owners Blame Homeless People for Break-Ins: Red Mill Totem House has been broken-into and Frelard Pizza has been robbed at gunpoint by a masked person. "Business owners tell KOMO News they are worried that the crimes may be due to homeless camping nearby - or by drug addicts looking for a quick fix," KOMO reported. Ballard businesses aren't exactly known for being friendly towards people struggling with homelessness. In July, Mac's Upholstery became known for spraying their belongings with water.

Eighty-Three Protesters Arrested on Standing Rock Sioux Reservation: They were supposedly rioting, Sheriff's deputies reported. They were not. In fact, they were peacefully protesting. In the last several months, 222 protesters have been arrested in an effort to protect their water and lands. From YES! Magazine: "How far will North Dakota go? They’ve already tried intimidation, humiliation, and the number of arrests are increasing. Pick on protectors, elders, journalists, famous people, anyone who could make the state appear potent. The latest tactic is to toss around the word 'riot' as if saying it often enough will change its definition."

How Are You Voting on Carbon Tax Initiative 732? The Stranger Election Control Board officially endorsed the initiative, but our news team did not agree with the verdict. Here is our dissent. In response to that, here's an op-ed from the folks behind Carbon Washington, the group that penned the initiative.

Speaking of Voting, Have You Filled Out Your Ballot Yet? Yours should be in your mailbox. Need help demystifying the initiatives and figuring out who the hell these candidates are? The SECB has your back.

Where's Your Nearest Ballot Drop Box? A bunch of new ballot boxes opened over the summer, so you have no excuses for not submitting one. You can find all of the ballot box locations here.

John Oliver Takes on Opioid Addiction: "We cannot just work to prevent future addicts. We're going to need to do more to help the millions that already exist, which means more investment in treatment programs as well as increasing the availability of treatment drugs like naloxone," says Oliver. Here in Seattle, police officers are, thankfully, already carrying Narcan, a nasal spray version of naloxone. City officials are also talking about another way to help drug users: Opening safe consumption sites. At these center, drug users can inject and smoke drugs under supervision to prevent overdosing and can also find help to get treatment.