Love can be many things, but "free" is not one of them.

Until now, that is! The Stranger's tradition of printing reader-submitted valentines continues in 2017. Got a husband? Wife? Sweetheart? Crush? All of the above? It's time to let them know how much you care—in public. Any chump can send a text. It takes a true romantic to express thoughtful sentiment and undying affection where everyone can see.

Here's how: Submit your valentine (40 words max) at thestranger.com/valentines. Deadline is Sunday, February 5, at midnight. Act fast, Romeo: Only the first 2,000 entries will go in the February 8 edition of our special Valentine's Day issue. (But don't fret, Juliet: Every last valentine will be posted online at thestranger.com.)

The fine print: No jerks, no stalkers, no gibberish, no last names, no phone numbers, no kissing on the mouth. You can kiss everywhere else. One valentine per person, please.