Mayor Ed Murray denies allegations that he sexually abused teenagers in the 1980s.
Mayor Ed Murray denies allegations that he sexually abused teenagers in the 1980s. Kelly O

Mayor Ed Murray's lawyer says a lawsuit alleging he sexually abused children in the 1980s should be dropped because the mayor does not have a mole on his scrotum as his accuser claims.

In a civil lawsuit first reported Thursday by the Seattle Times, a man identified as D.H. alleges Murray paid him $10 to $20 for sex at least 50 times over four to five years while the man was a teenager and Murray was in his 30s. The complaint in the case alleges that D.H. knows Murray’s previous phone number, old address, layout of that apartment, and details about his body, including a "distinctive genital region including reddish pubic hair and a unique mole on his scrotum—it is a small bump."

In a report Murray's lawyers released to reporters today, Murray's doctor says he has no moles, freckles, or other marks or bumps on his genitals and no signs of such marks or bumps being removed.

Along with the man who brought the civil suit, two other men made similar allegations to the Seattle Times about being abused by Murray. The Times reported that one of them, Lloyd Anderson, reported a bump similar to the mole the suit describes.

Anderson told a paralegal for Simpson’s attorney about his alleged sexual acts with Murray during a 2007 interview and described distinctive physical features.

“During these encounters, (he) noticed that Ed had an unusual bump on his penis and bright red pubic hair,” the paralegal wrote in a memo in 2007.

In a letter to Murray's lawyers on April 7, D.H.'s attorney, Lincoln Beauregard, asked Murray's lawyer to "confirm that Mayor Murray has the noted mole" before deposing D.H.

Speaking to reporters today, Murray's lawyer, Bob Sulkin, said Murray's longtime doctor examined him this morning and wrote the report. When asked whether the mayor would subject to another medical examination by a doctor who doesn't know him, Sulkin said yes, if that was ordered by a judge.

"We have to understand what the heart of the accuser’s allegation is," Sulkin said. "It’s the detailing of Mayor Murray’s private anatomy. Sure, addresses and phone numbers are publicly available—not important. But this is the heart of the allegation."

Sulkin dismissed the other two accusers' stories as "debunked."

In an interview, Murray's personal spokesperson Jeff Reading said the doctor's report is evidence of a conspiracy to falsely accuse the Mayor.

"Because we have two accusers saying the same thing but asserting they have not been in contact with one another," Reading said, "it shows not just that they have made false claims against mayor but that they have coordinated with each other in making false claims."

In a response to the complaint's claims that D.H. also knew this location and layout of Mayor's old apartment and his phone number from the time, Reading said, "those pieces of information are available publicly."

When asked whether Murray was denying knowing the accuser, D.H., or just denying having a sexual relationship with him, Reading said, "We don't actually have the identity of the person."

Beauregard did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In a statement to the Seattle Times, Beauregard criticized Murray's "political hit team" and said his client plans “to win this lawsuit on the merits in due time.”