Do better, Grey Lady.
Do better, Grey Lady. Manakin/Getty

A week after reporting that Mayor Ed Murray dropped his reelection bid due to allegations of child sex abuse, the New York Times has another piece out on the nuances of the controversy.

Reporter Kirk Johnson's headline deals with the allegations' impact on Seattle's LGBT community, which is a rich and worthy angle to mine:

In the gay, lesbian and transgender community that has largely worshiped Mr. Murray — and especially in its heart, Capitol Hill, where Mr. Murray and his husband, Michael Shiosaki, have lived for decades — a pall of uncertainty and sadness has descended.

But as I mentioned earlier in a Twitter rant, I took issue with how he characterized the earliest allegations against Murray. If you read the following passage, you'd wrongly get the impression that all four of Murray's accusers just claim he paid them for sex:

The man behind the lawsuit, Delvonn Heckard, who said he was 15 when Mr. Murray, then in his early 30s, began paying him for sex, could have potential credibility issues — he has dozens of criminal convictions on his record, including about 13 felonies, said his lawyer, Mr. Beauregard. The lawsuit seeks unspecified money damages.

But The Seattle Times also interviewed two other men who said they were paid to have sex with Mr. Murray in the 1980s when they were underage. A fourth man filed a declaration with the court this month saying he was an underage victim of Mr. Murray, too.

Here's what Johnson's story is missing: Jeff Simpson, Murray's first accuser, met Murray at the Portland youth center as an orphan, and was briefly placed in Murray's care as a teen. Simpson claims Murray started sexually abusing him at age 13, before any payments were allegedly involved. Murray's other early accuser, Lloyd Anderson, says he met Murray through Simpson.

Murray has denied the allegations of child sex abuse.

The NYT's omission is worth noting. The allegations cover more than underage sex work.