Candidate Survivor—the semi-regular political event that brought you council member Tim Burgess rapping, Mike McGinn juggling, and an array of insightful Joel Connelly tweets—is back!

For the uninitiated, Candidate Survivor is like a regular candidate forum, but more fun. Seattle's mayoral hopefuls will answer serious policy questions before (or after) showcasing talents. The audience decides who stays and who goes through elimination rounds.

Will we see Nikkita Oliver the boxer or Nikkita Oliver the poet? How quickly can Jenny Durkan run away from her career choices? Can Mike McGinn (2013 Candidate Survivor champion) last two minutes without saying, "When I was mayor..."?

Find out at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, July 11 at Neumos (doors open at 7).

To get a better idea of the evening's flavor, check out this recap of Candidate Survivor 2013:

As always, the Washington Bus, an excellent nonprofit, is spearheading this year's event. The Stranger, Neumos and Capitol Hill Block Party are assisting. The theme is "A Seattle Space Odyssey."

There are 21 candidates for mayor this year. Six are considered serious contenders: Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, lawyer and educator Nikkita Oliver, urban planner Cary Moon, State Sen. Bob Hasegawa, Former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan and State Rep. Jessyn Farrell.

Space constraints mean we can invite for two more. Reader, here is where you come in.