Good. I'd like other Democratic reps go to Reichert's district, too. And to other Republican districts.
Speaking of town halls, I'd like to see CM Mike O'Brien do a town hall in his own Ballard district. I'm talking about a real town hall, not one of those fake ones where he invites a bunch of paid advocates to keep people in line. See here:…
Here's what I want know: Reichert's net worth the day he left for Washington and his net worth now. I know, true believers won't be phased by facts or anything else - not even hiding out during Congressional recesses. So, he keeps getting re-elected because he keeps all those defense contracts alive and well?
If praymila cares about the 8th how about she goes to Wenatchee and Cle elum first? She should also tell the suburbanites in Auburn and black diamond they are too privllaged she wants to raise their taxes
@2 - ha, good luck with that. he and his junkie/theif/bum apologists will never hold a meeting without stacking it with supporters, generally from outside the district/neighborhood. he has been a total smiling, grinning disaster. an environmental kayactivist for a photo op while having no problem at all with RV's dumping raw sewage anywhere, everywhere.
@2, 5: FOCUS.

@4: does she? show me the statement where she tells suburbanites they have too much "privalege", or STFU. hyperbolic bullshit.

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