If you’re in the Ballard neighborhood this afternoon, you might notice something a bit pigculiar: a potbelly pig is on the loose.


Last spotted heading westbound on 63rd Avenue, one has to wonder, where is this little babe hoofin’ it to?

Maybe he’s off to a pignic with a pal. He could be en route to an art gallery to see some Pigcasso paintings. Or maybe he’s on his way to an (Applewood) smoke shop. He just better be sure to avoid Bitterroot barbecue joint a few blocks away.

Whatever he’s up to, he’s not being very inconspiguous about it. And although this little ham is unaccompanied, he is allowed in the city of Seattle, according to these ordinances :

• No more than three small animals such as dogs and cats (unless your property is over 20,000 square feet)
• Miniature goats and small potbelly pigs are permitted with limitations; they are counted towards the three small animal maximum
• No swine are allowed other than small potbelly pigs; no more than one potbelly pig is allowed

If you break one of these laws, hopefully your piggybank is full; fines can rise to upwards of $500.

Are you over these pig puns? Me too. I think I need a glass of (s)wine.