G O  A W A Y  T I M
Go away, Tim. HG

Transit hater, Donald Trump supporter, and anti-tax troll Tim Eyman is back with some more bullshit.

Today, Eyman filed his latest initiative with the Washington Secretary of State. His latest effort would ban the state and local governments from imposing taxes on "wages or any other income." The initiative would ban both income taxes and capital gains tax. Some moderate Democrats, like newly elected state Senator Manka Dhingra, are still skittish about an income tax but support a capital gains tax, which would tax money made from stocks, bonds, and other assets.

Eyman has named the initiative, “We Don’t Want An Income Tax.”

"Our side has been sitting around waiting to see what the pro-income tax forces are gonna do next. I'm sick of it," the long-sleeved-t-shirt-wearing dingus wrote in an email to supporters Tuesday. "Our side has been holding its breath, hoping a bunch of Democrat-appointed, teachers-union-funded judges will save us. That's dumb. It's time for the good guys to go on offense and end this threat once and for all by letting the voters decide."

A few reminders in no particular order:

• State law already bans cities and counties from imposing an income tax. Seattle is trying to do something about that right now.

• Eyman has allegedly profited off his campaigns.

• Washington state has the most regressive tax system in the nation.

• When Eyman starts pushing this initiative next year, he will need around 260,000 signatures to get it on the ballot. You do not have to sign.