If 27,000 free apartments magically appeared tomorrow there's be at least that many new homeless people arriving by bus next month. This battle will never be won unless there's a strong, comprehensive national program to share the load equitably among all cities and states. Anything Seattle does unilaterally is self-defeating. We already have a hugely disproportionate burden of homeless people compared to our population. We need to make Seattle less attractive to homeless people before our city turns even more into a shit and needle filled dumpster.
the state set the deadline, the state can institute a grace period. maybe?

@1: "comprehensive national program", LOL. you know republicans exist, right?
@2 So what should blue states do, bear the entire homeless burden ourselves and let red states ship their problems to us? I'm sick of Democrats bending over and letting Republicans fuck us over because we care about doing right be people. No, we play hardball and make everyone feel the pain until everyone agrees to share the pain.
@4, I've always thought those who seek services in Seattle should prove some sort of residency of a few years before being provided services.
You can blame the Republicans in the Legislature for missing this deadline. They held the entire budget hostage over a rural water bill that is going to make the problem of declining salmon runs worse. Shame on them. And shame on the Democrat majority for not setting a clean vote on the budget.
@5, BINGO. In the meantime, aggressively clean up all the camps until these dregs finally get tired of constantly being forced to keep moving, and leave. Also, any homeless person from another state, which is the majority of them, who gets busted for anything, should be given the option of jail or a free ticket to the state of their choosing, with a little cash for meals, then escorted to the airport and put on a flight. FAR less burdensome on us state taxpayers. This city, for all it's wealth, looks more and more like an embarrassing cesspool every year. When is it our turn?

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