You can use a picture from our website if you choose, although our preference for the caption would be along the lines of White nationalist NOT welcome to sweat here. - Kyle Davis
"You can use a picture from our website if you choose, although our preference for the caption would be along the lines of 'White nationalist NOT welcome to sweat here.'" - Kyle Davis Courtesy of NW Fitness Project

A local racist has one less place to work out.

On Thursday, the owners of NW Fitness Project banned Greg Johnson, a Seattle-based publisher, from their Fremont gym.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) identifies Johnson as an "international figure for white nationalism.” Johnson is the editor-in-chief of Counter-Currents, a publishing house that advocates for a white ethnostate. He also organizes Northwest Forum, an annual white nationalist convention that was the subject of a Stranger article by contributor David Lewis.

Kyle Davis, co-owner of NW Fitness Project, said in an email Sunday that the gym banned Johnson from its premises after learning of his white nationalism from a “member of the fitness community.” Davis added that he believes Johnson’s continued presence at NW Fitness Project would “adversely effect” the safety of his clients. An independent trainer who uses the gym also severed ties with Johnson, according to Davis.

The Puget Sound Anarchists first reported Johnson’s use of the gym.

"NW Fitness Project rejects hate speech in all forms, and the violent ethnic cleansing, anti-semitism and racist ideology that he espouses and advocates for are antithetical to our fundamental beliefs,” Davis said. "From a personal perspective, as a member of Temple De Hirsch, I would not personally feel safe having someone [at NW Fitness Project] who stated that Jews are the enemy and advocates violent anti-semitic actions.”

Johnson has published numerous articles expressing racist views, several of which have been documented by the SPLC.

Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson Courtesy of Puget Sound Anarchists

In an article for Counter-Currents, Johnson wrote that Jews are “the principal enemy of every attempt to halt and reverse white extinction.”

Writing for the racist journal Occidental Quarterly, Johnson said, “The tragedy of inter-racial dating is that the non-defective few will always be lumped in with the defective many.”

Johnson also wrote an article for the white supremacist website Vanguard News Network, in which he stated that "America would be improved by fewer Blacks, Asians, and Mestizos, not more of them. America would be improved by fewer Muslims, not more of them. And of course this country would be vastly improved by fewer Jews."

Johnson did not respond immediately to an email seeking comment.