I trust other bike racks around Seattle will take note and be nicer to the homeless.
yay, the crisis is solved.
The space will probably recolonized by Monday. Pedestrians will need to cross the street. Those in wheelchairs will find ADA laws are unenforced in Seattle.
yep, gotta let the campers have plenty of space, wherever they may feel like setting up...its literally the only way to be compassionate.

No doubt. In fact, I plan on choosing to become homeless, moving to Seattle this weekend and sleeping in that very spot! That's how this works, right?
@5: "ADA Laws"? I don't think those apply in this case. The SMC probably does - no blocking the sidewalk.

here you go:

Because, of course, we all know laying your head three feet from fast-moving traffic is a safe prospect. Strung-out addicts wandering on to the street (their front porch): what could possibly go wrong?

Given all the homeless people who have died on I-5 and I-5 ramps in recent years, could somebody explain to me how it's "compassionate" to encourage high, stumbling & often delusional people to live in tents near busy roads?

Just spitballin' here, but could it possibly have something to do with that large cement overhead structure that provides some (albeit compromised) measure of shelter and shield from the elements? I don't think anyone is arguing this is a desirable or "compassionate" situation for anyone, but rather that it's actually less miserable than the alternatives.
Is this where the bike racks came from that are being used as signs to close a crosswalk on Mercer Street? SDOT is just totally trolling now.…

Pretty much any addict in Seattle is going to live near some kind of busy thoroughfare; the only difference being that homeless addicts just stumble into traffic whereas addicts with homes all too frequently stumble to their cars and THEN into traffic.
Saying that an inanimate object is "anti-homeless" is as dumb as saying that a building is racist (the nitwit no-caged-youth contingent who are content to see youth offenders in a grim prison-type facility because it's picturesque? )

As with so many things in life, it's all about how you use the object. You would think that writers would understand that distinction.
Oh no! Here I thought that the alt left was about to protest the sexist, racist, anti-homeless, nazi bike racks! They still should just to make sure ableist, fascist, white supremacist, alt-right Nazi BIKKKE racks don't come back to this town! I am coming confident that our soyboy Antifa will, at least, will not be scared of the bikkke rakkks like they are cowardly about fighting anyone else one on one.
@13. Well hey, if air conditioning is sexist, and climate is racist like the lefties believe, the bikkke rakkks can be anti-homeless. They are, at least, being consistent with nonesense they spew out lol.
The council continues to show they don’t have the political chops to run a city. Pathetic. I hope voters throw Mike O and the rest of the bunch out on their asses next election.
I would have used the bike rack to park downtown out of the rain but a homess junkie stole it off my back porch.
Is there a # to call when you are sick of tents right in the middle of a sidewalk and filth piling up outside said tents?
@16: let me know when the feds start handing out "ADA tickets" for impassable sidewalks. the city would be awash in violations. you know as well as I that's not how ADA operates.
Let's see - whats the best value? $6,000 bike rack or $100,000 chain link fence? Hmmmm?

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