Heading to a Chinese black market near you!
Heading to a Chinese black market near you! Premyuda Yospim / Getty

Chinese tariffs have Washington farmers worried: A 15 percent tariff on cherries? Who in China is going to shell out such a pretty penny for some fruit? Or some wine? That’s what has Washington farmers in a tizzy. China is Washington’s biggest trade partner. China has been gobbling a quarter of our exports—especially our cherries, apples, and wine. With tariffs on all of these food items, how will Washington be able to compete?

Bellevue officer allegedly ignored hate crime in progress: A man was threatening black people at the Bellevue Transit Center. He allegedly went down the line of everyone waiting for the bus, pointed out every black person, and hurled racial epithets and threats at them. An off-duty police officer allegedly failed to intervene and ignored the situation even when a victim asked him for help. One witness said the officer said, “This happens all the time,” and walked away. An internal investigation is under way.

Washington responsible for 7 out 19 avalanche deaths: This year's number of fatalities was unprecedented. During the end of the winter season, there were deaths on three consecutive weekends in Washington. The Northwest Avalanche Center based in Sand Point was stretched thin. Record-breaking snowfall combined with increased backwoods recreational activity had the organization working nonstop. The avalanche industry—yes, that’s a thing—has a goal of no fatalities by 2025. This season was a setback, but long-term trends are heartening.

Uncertainty and turmoil at KOMO: Sinclair Broadcasting mandates certain "must-run" conservative pieces and has made each of its anchors read a script about fake news. KOMO journalists are at a crossroads: They can quit and face the financial penalties incurred by Sinclair for breaking contract, or they can futilely try to resist a powerhouse that is only growing and do their best to mitigate the effects of Sinclair’s influence on ethical journalism.

Why can't they just quit? A Los Angeles Times reporter got the lowdown on Sinclair contracts from a Sinclair employee:

Tacoma’s attempted Thin Mint thief identified: Last month, a man attempted to rob Girl Scouts outside a Tacoma Fred Meyer. Roman Mira, 23, has been identified as the suspect. Mira allegedly demanded money from the girls and insinuated that he had a gun. This whole time, for some reason, I thought he just wanted cookies. He wanted money. That’s disappointing. He was unsuccessful either way. Police have been unsuccessful in locating him.

Seattle City Council wants to establish a minimum fare for ride share: The proposed amount is $2.40 per mile for Uber and Lyft rides. This would reduce competition and benefit drivers. Uber, however, is not on board. The per mile fare in Seattle on Monday morning was $1.35, according to Seattle Times — but it fluctuates throughout the day depending on demand. The council’s proposal would also require Uber to hand over swaths of data. There is tension about the sensitivity of this data and about it getting into the hands of competitors.

Kent is getting some Dick’s: You know, the drive-in. The iconic Seattle burger joint is expanding to Kent. The groundbreaking is today at 11:30 a.m.

Ransomware attacks target 911 call centers: These attacks are when hackers seize control of a computer system with a virus and hold it hostage until they receive payment. Or sometimes hackers immobilize call centers by inundating them with bogus phone calls. There have been 184 attacks like these on public-safety agencies in the past two years. 911 call centers accounted for 42 of these attacks. They showcase the potential for cyberterrorists to target and easily dismantle our critical infrastructure.

Teachers are striking: In Kentucky and Oklahoma. Other teachers across the country, like those in Arizona, are watching and ready to start strikes of their own. Thousands walked out to protest cuts in pay, benefits, and funding. These demonstrations are happening among normal teachers who are tired of being treated poorly. They’re also occurring in Republican states with important midterm elections coming up in the fall. With this growing grassroots labor activism, are teachers a political force to be reckoned with?

Would you like bread, chips, an apple, or a data leak with that? First Facebook and now Panera Bread. Is none of our data safe? The Panera website leaked customers' information such as names, e-mails, addresses, and the last four digits of credit-card numbers. What’s more frustrating, Panera changing its menu every goddamn day or leaking your personal details?

Channing Tatum is getting a divorce: He met his wife, Jenna Dewan, on the set of the movie they were both in. You know Step Up, it's a beautiful love story about two people from different worlds who find common ground through dance. Obviously. I don’t know anything about their relationship. I saw he announced a split from his wife in an Instagram post. Yes, I apparently follow Channing Tatum on Instagram. The worst part about it was the weird spacing he used after every period. It’s one space, not two, Channing. Sorry about your divorce.

Seattle rapper identified as shooting victim: Trevon Mckoy, known as JuiceTheGod in the Seattle hiphop scene, had performed a show near Seattle Center on Saturday night. He was shot early Sunday morning. No arrests have been made.

Villanova wins NCAA championship: My grandpa is euphoric right now. He’s an impassioned Villanova alum and wanted all of his grandchildren to go there. None of them did. At least Villanova did him proud last night when they trounced the Michigan Wolverines 79 to 62. Two national titles for Philly in two months. What a 2018 they’re having over there.

Scott Pruitt defies White House, gives substantial raises: He increased two of his aides’ salaries substantially. The White House is supposed to sign off on that. He found an obscure loophole and did it anyway. One EPA staffer said, “This whole thing has completely gutted any morale I had left to put up with this place.” Either Pruitt is next on the Trump chopping block or his actions will drive away anyone left in the EPA with a moral compass.

Update: Trump gets what Scott's going through. Those "ethics" things are hard and overrated, anyway.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A concert with Cuban ensemble Buena Vista Social Club's last remaining member, Omara Portuondo, a screening of Showgirls (with commentary by Stranger alum David Schmader), and a natural wine tasting with Owen Kotler.