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There’s a white semi-truck parked on Harvard Street behind the Pike and Broadway QFC that was lit on fire at about 8:30 a.m. this morning, according to the Seattle Fire Department.

The innards of the truck are all ash, the hatch and the roof are now just smoldering remains. Two firefighters work with axes to extinguish any remaining flames on the inside of the truck. Other firefighters are coiling up a firehose that’s still dripping from use. The rest of that water is coursing down the Harvard Street gutter. White firefighting foam coats the pavement.

“We’re investigating a fire that sprung up out the blue,” said Lieutenant Tim Frank. “It may have been intentionally set.”

Arson? During a burn ban? Again?? C’mon guys, we talked about this YESTERDAY.

QFC didn't know anything, couldn't confirm if it was one of their trucks that caught fire, and wouldn't say anything more without a media release.

One of their security guards, who declined to be named, said customers had spotted the fire first and called 911.

Upon closer inspection of the pictures, some of the truck's contents that escaped unscathed and, to The Stranger's untrained eye, look like containers of instant ramen and Annie's Shells & White Cheddar mac n' cheese.

Its like a game of iSpy but with more fire.
It's like a game of iSpy but with more fire. NG

UPDATE, 12:20 pm: The Seattle Fire Department has confirmed that pallets on a semi-truck were ignited. It was a set fire.

UPDATE, 5:15 pm: The Seattle Fire Department contacted The Stranger to say they released information before the investigation has been concluded. The investigation is still underway.